Saturday, March 20, 2010

A True African Queen...

I had the most amazing night tonight. My sister Christie heard about this woman's amazing story a few months ago and contacted her. She invited her to come and speak to the sisters in her stake for a Ladies Night Out. What an amazing story she has on her life in Sierra Leone and her journey to discover what God had in store for her. Her story strengthened my own testimony and made me count my many blessings and refocus on what my priorities ought to be. If you are in my stake, we will be having Mariama come in January to our Women's Conference so I do not want to tell her whole story. You will take with you so much more if you hear it from her in her own words. I am forever changed because of her. Thank you Mariama.
I love you. You are truly an African Queen!


Rebecca and Co. said...

What a great experience! Mary's birth father is from Sierra Leone and I am always hungry for a connection to that country. I can't wait for Mariama to speak in January!

Sarah said...

I wish I could have been there... what an amazing woman! Hearing her story really makes you refocus your own life and trials and realize it is nothing compared to what others have gone through.

Anonymous said...

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